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แบรนด์ : Delbag
รายละเอียดย่อ : The COALESCER-Pad is a heavy duty, highly efficient Mist Eliminator Pad that can be used in a variety of ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
รายละเอียด :

Construction : The COALESCER-Pad Media is made from a 75 mm thick blanket of continuos filament glass fibres. A specially formulated water resistant binder is applied during the spinning process that allows the media to maintain its thickness and resiliency when saturated.

Technical Data : Filter class (DIN EN 779): G 3

Color: white/blue

Air flow rate (635 x 635 mm): 3.800 m³/h

Initial pressure drop: 50 Pa

Final pressure drop: 250 Pa

Degree of separation (DIN EN 779): 87 % Max.

temp resistance: 120 °C

Resistance to moisture (rel. humididy) 100 %

Medium: glass fibre